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The only spa set in the green heart of Abruzzo,
the Majella National Park.

Wellness Treatments

The joy to being healthy

At La Réserve hospitality, care for details and professionalism are values forming the starting point of a method based on the total personalization of the therapeutic programmes. A tailor made wellbeing coming from a free choice inside a wide range of treatments fit for every need. For it is also the result of a conscious choice, supported by a professional staff used to listen to and advice the guests.

A complete range of sessions, cures, treatments to satisfy all wishes. A proposal renewed year after year, thanks to the experienced operators, doctors, therapists constantly updating their preparation all over the world. La Réserve is a guest size ecosystem where to plunge in and relax, free to follow one’s wishes, in total harmony with ourselves and the others, in search of a wellbeing resulting from the complete satisfaction of all senses.

La Réserve is also a Spa resort where you can benefit from the healthy properties of the three waters, one sulphur, two low mineral, and of the therapeutic mud. Reviewed in an exclusive and modern manner through avantguard techniques, but always deeply linked to tradition, thermal therapies at La Réserve leads to the total regeneration, a rebirth of the whole body.


La Réserve - via S.Croce, 65023
Caramanico Terme [PE] | P.IVA 01113020687

Tel. 085 9239502/03 - mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Stabilimento Termale - Via Torre Alta, 16 - 65023
Caramanico Terme [PE] - Tel 0859230661